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Automatic Rotary Bag-given Granule Packing Machine

1 An easy to operate, with Germany's Siemens PLC control with touch screen control system, easy to operate.

2 frequency control, frequency control devices used with this unit, within the provisions of the speed can be adjusted.

3 automatic detection function, if not open the bag or open bags incomplete, no feeding, no sealing, the bag can be used again, do not waste materials, saving production costs.

4 safety device, when the working pressure is not normal or heating pipe failure, it will alarm.

5 quick-change bag size, robotic device width can be adjusted quickly and easily.

6 random with plexiglass security door, when the door is opened the machine immediately stops running, play a protective role of the operator.

7 adopts imported plastic bearings, without refueling, reduce the material contamination;

8 oil-free vacuum pump, to avoid contamination of the production environment.